Welcome to VGM Fulfillment, the proven innovation from VGM

VGM Fulfillment processes and ships CPAP supply orders directly to your patient. We integrate with most billing systems and we stock product from all of the top CPAP vendors.

Are you a CPAP Equipment Provider who's ready to simplify your company's CPAP supply re-orders?

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There are two problems with keeping your CPAP patients healthy and compliant. The first is that on average only 5% of patients replace their mask quarterly. The second and more frightening problem is that 48% of patients NEVER replace their masks...ever! Why?

It is not convenient, they are unaware they can, or they are not sure how to go about it. These statistics mean that your patients are not getting the full benefit from their therapy. They are not compliant with their treatment and as a dealer you're losing substantial potential profits from billing revenue. What can you do and where can you go for answers to this problem?

Welcome to VGM Fulfillment, the proven innovation from VGM.

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