Frequently Asked Questions:giving you the answers

Below are some of the most common questions relating to the VGM Fulfillment program. Please see below for answers to your questions. If you still have unanswered questions, visit our Contact Us and fill out the form to get more information.

What is my cost per shipment?
Our customers pay a low, flat fee for shipping and handling. On average, it's less than $12.00. We also offer volume discounts, please contact us for details.
Who are your primary carriers?
We utilize U.S. Postal Service Priority, U.S. Postal Service First Class and Fed-Ex Home Delivery for our shipments.
How long does it take to get started with the program?
Once we have received your vendor account numbers and the VGM Fulfillment setup form, you can start immediately. EDI setups take longer to map, test, etc., but we can share order information by other means during that time.
Do you work with medSage?
Yes, medSage is a contracted VGM Vendor Partner and VGM Fulfillment integrates with medSage.
What current billing systems do you work with?
We can work with most billing systems. As long as your system can export electronic information, we can usually configure our system to communicate with yours.
How do I receive invoicing from you and the manufacturers?
We provide nightly consolidated invoices electronically as well as a monthly summary and statement.
Do you contact/call the patients or do we handle that?
VGM Fulfillment is a shipping service we do not contact your patients, but we can work with your billing systems or patient outreach platform.
What is your cut off time to receive orders?
All orders received by 2 p.m. Central Time will be shipped within 1 business day.
What appears on the label and packing slip on the package?
Your return address, company information and logo, if you choose, will appear on the package and packing slip.
How does my pricing work with the manufacturers?
You will keep your customary pricing with the manufacturers.
How long does it take for my patient to receive supplies once they are shipped?
Orders are delivered to your patient in 2-4 business days.
How many orders can we send you per day?
There is no minimum or maximum order limit per day.
How do I send orders to you?
We are very flexible and will work to accommodate your preference. Orders can be placed on our secure online order form and we also receive orders through many electronic means, including, but not limited to, EDI and SFTP transfers.
How do you handle returns?
Since our packages have your return address and your company information on the packing slip, they will be routed to your location. You can return the product to the manufacturer according to their return policy.
How do you handle back orders?
We have a high fill rate and we rarely experience back order issues. If there is an issue, we will contact you and determine whether to wait for the product and ship the complete order.
How will I receive tracking information?
Tracking information will be sent to you daily via e-mail, SFTP, or immediately through EDI.
Can you include other literature in addition to the packing slip?
Yes. We can insert collateral material for no additional charge. This can include company newsletters, fliers, coupons, postcards, etc. You can ship the materials to us, or we can print them for you.
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